Property Aquisition

With thousands of properties on the market in Central Florida, locating a property that is right for your business can be a difficult and time consuming task. Many businesses often make the mistake of trying to find a property themselves and waste hundreds of hours calling on each property and viewing properties that they loose valuable time focusing on their own core competencies. At RealTrend, we understand that time is money and we can offer a depth of experience and knowledge about the current market and the properties available. Many times our staff can find the not so obvious perfect match for your business.

Why go it alone when you can leverage the time, resources and skills of an experienced broker? Contact us today and we can exclusively represent you free of charge, as our commission is typically included in the brokerage commission offered by the seller.

Our service package includes:

Market Research

RealTrend’s strategic philosophy starts with identifying the needs of our client. Once those needs are identified and expansions are needed, our staff will undertake comprehensive research on the areas under consideration. This research can often be used in assisting our clients identify their position in the market.

Strategic Site Selection

Choosing the perfect location can be a daunting task for some customers. It requires an expansive network and industry knowledge. RealTrend, Inc. has over 17 years experience in providing site selection services.

Municipal Incentive Identification and Negotiations

During relocations and expansion; Many times, cities, counties and states have job creation incentives. RealTrend will assist our clients with the qualification and application process.

Transaction Negotiations

When negotiating to purchase property, both the Buyer and the Seller seek terms that protect their own interests. By understanding the terms of a purchase contract AND having the knowledge of additional terms available we can ensure that we protect the interest of our client in all negotiations.


RealTrend will work directly with you to assist with build-out. That includes everything from selecting an architect, to permitting and moving day.

Post Occupancy Services

Our strategic partnership with all ofour clients is long-term. Our work does not end when the transaction is complete. RealTrend strives to create long-term partnerships with our clients and continued follow-up and post occupancy services are key to that success.