Property Disposition

RealTrend, Inc. will offer our clients professional expertise and knowledge with the marketing and disposition of commercial real estate. We pride ourselves on providing compressive and tailored marketing plans to strategically assist our clients. Our service package includes:

Property Evaluation

Understanding your real estate portfolio and the property is the first step to finding the right buyer for your property. Our staff will take a complete inventory and checklist of all the features your property has to offer.

Market Position

Identification of your property’s position in the current market place will help us position the property for maximum return on investment.

Marketing Plan

Once we have a clear understanding of your property and the position in the market, RealTrend will provide a customized comprehensive marketing plan that includes:

  • Goals, Objectives and Strategies
  • Target Identification
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Marketing Budget


When negotiating property both the buyer and seller seek terms that protect their own interests. By understanding the terms of a contract AND having the knowledge of additional terms available we can ensure that we protect the interest of our client in all negotiations.


RealTrend will work directly with buyers to guide them with all their needs for build-out. That includes selecting an architect, permitting guidance and even moving day.


Our strategic partnership with all of our clients is long-term. Our work does not end when the transaction is complete. RealTrend prides itself on creating long-term partnerships with our clients and continued follow-up is key to that success.